Well, I'm pretty sure everyone knows there are some requests you don't bother to ask from God because you surely won't get an answer!


Interestingly, the latest we've heard of the Ghanaian comedienne and her estranged husband's case is that her 'husband' has fired Maurice Ampaw as his lawyer.

Afia Schwarznegger, who took to her Instagram page this morning is begging people with authority to intervene in her case as she believes someone is tampering with the justice that she's seeking in court.

She wrote:

Dear God
You said u are the father of the fatherless and the strength of the weak...
God i want to report Ghana police to you..let your angel of death strike anyone that has collected anything to mess up my court case,i send your angel of death to whoever that thinks i am Afia Schwarzenegger so someone can attack me n my family especially my 3 yearz child and go free in Jesus name.God strike that person and his family in Jesus name...Amen.

My fellow ghanaians,friends in the media and friends on social media,on the 30th of August i was attacked by my ex with "acid" n knife,he also stole my money of $2000 and 500 pounds,he slashed the tyres of my bmw x6,ALL these charges were not presented in court by the police. The CID on the case Charles owusu Boateng in the company of a female police officer followed me to my house n my bedroom to take pics of all these yet these charges were not presented in court.
I have been reliably imformed that a big hand n the police is interferimg with my docket
I pleading with the Greater Accra Jupol who is in charge of prosecution,the Attorney general who is also a woman,the chief justice,the 1st n 2nd lady of the land,FIDA Lawyer Nana Oye Lithur,Gender Minister and all female lawyers in and outside Ghana to come to my aid and help so that the proper charges will be leveled against the accuse person.

The only part of her story that, I feel sad for her was when she was threatened with 'acid' by her husband, putting her in a very embarrassing situation, when the video was leaked on the internet.

I don't know if Afia does not know that God frowns on Adultery. She should be rather asking for God's forgiveness (Something I believe she might have done in privacy before God) rather than praying to God on Social media, asking Him to strike anyone who has taken money to turn things against her in her case.