Peter Okoye (Mr. P) has for a moment put aside the differences he has with his twin brother to share a photo with the latter to celebrate their birthday today.

Posting on his page last night, the former P-Square star noted that they were Africa's famous twins. Seemingly, their breakup hasn't changed what he feels for his brother.

"Happy birthday. Shout out to the biggest duo ever in Africa," said the singer who now uses the stage name 'Mr P'. And he added, "One love."


This comes weeks after Peter Okoye wrote Paul an elaborate letter, asking his twin to quit shading him on social media, that they are not in competition and so saw no reason why Paul would be making mockery of his struggles.

"I have even called myself an up coming artiste.. You are the [songwriter] and the voice of Psquare, the every every! No wahala," said Peter in the emotional post, adding, "Pls allow me to have my peace showcase my self to the world and enjoy with my family. And I am expecting you to do the same. "

He continued, saying, "It is not a competition and it is not healthy. My brother I have moved on. I am very sure we will definitely do songs again in future and I wish you all the best bro."

Yesterday, Lola Omotayo-Okoye said people unfairly judge Peter because they do not know him personally and what a great family man he is.

Well, former critics are seemingly being converted into fans and it is all thanks to Peter's tribute to his brother, and may be because Paul, who now goes with the stage name 'King Rudy', did not bother with acknowledging their birthday.