Seeing your much-awaited movies in a dark-lit cinema with some popcorn and ice-cold refreshment is such a great experience. It’s even magical when bae is by your side, as you both banter and giggle right before the big screen.

But it makes a lot more sense knowing when a new movie would be hitting the cinemas so you can plan ahead. So we have done the needful and handpicked some of the best movies set to land in your nearest cinemas soon.



This Marvel’s third Thor movie is not only loaded with trademark humor, it is so visually striking and refreshingly different compared to other films within the stable of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Caged on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer, Thor attempts to halt the destruction of his land of birth and save the Asgardian civilization from the ruthless Hela. First, Thor must survive a deadly contest against his old ally, the Incredible Hulk!

Category: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, 3D, Blockbuster

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Interestingly, both Silver Bird Galleria and Film House Cinemas will be showing these movies, and some of this move will be available on our Movie Portal.