If you are a man with pot belly or a woman with belly fat or perhaps just want to lose fat around your arms or other part of your body. This article would help you, READ it to the end.

My name is Damilola, a health & fitness coach and for the past 2 years I have been helping over weight men and women like you get their dream body without taking expensive pills( that don’t even work) or crazy diet plans that starve you.

Today I want to share with you 5 effective hacks you can use to get rid of pot belly and lose weight naturally.

1. Manage your alcohol intake


Reduce your alcohol intake and you will absolutely reduce your pot belly, I’ve found that our clients who regularly drink alcohol have bigger bellies than those who don’t.

Then of course, alcohol makes you hungry, and your inhibitions melt away, so then you reach for your fourth slice of super supreme pizza. In other words, you end up adding a full meal to that bottle of wine and that gives you a huge calorie load.

If that wasn’t bad enough, when you have too much alcohol and food together, then your metabolism lets you down.

That’s because alcohol is easy to burn, so your body starts working on that right away, at the expense of everything else.

After you’ve burnt off the alcohol, your body will start on the next easiest thing to break down – carbohydrates. Proteins will be used up next. Lastly, your body will metabolize fat.

So in conclusion, when alcohol is at the start of the metabolic queue and your metabolism is sluggish, then a big part of the meal you ate with the wine will probably be stored as fat.

Just to back that up, several studies also show that the majority of alcohol calories consumed seem to be deposited as belly fat.

Sigh. It seems so unfair.

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Applying the above listed ways to reducing pot belly/belly fat is just a way to get started.

If you know any other way to reduce put Belle kindly drop your comment/opinion below...

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