We believe that being in love is one of the best things that can happen to us. So, it is no surprise that people exhaust themselves just to find a partner. Considering all the time and efforts spent on finding your perfect you rarely give a second thought about whether it all was worth it or not. Search for a loved one can be made easier by using dating sites like this one meetwife.com. But you can easily fool yourself into believing that you are happy, and as a result, find yourself in a relationship for the wrong reasons. It is definitely not the idea that you would like to pop up in your head, but in the end, your efforts to find a partner are unlikely reasons to be in a relationship. But what are the wrong reasons for being and staying in relationships and what are the consequences? Let's check it out without further ado.
Fear of Being Alone
While the right reasons for finding a partner are being happy and being loved, the most common reason for seeking a relationship turns out to be the fear of being alone. Of course, when you observe people around you enjoying romantic and intimate moments, you start thinking that something is wrong with you because of the absence of a partner. The fear grows when you understand that you are not getting any younger and you are still alone. The fear reinforces when you start thinking that you may remain alone forever. This kind of fear may easily force you to agree on the second best. The second best, being the first person who would ask you out. Fearing that it can be your last chance you agree, without having a second thought about your partner.

What are the possible consequences? You are unlikely to be happy and having the time of your life with the partner with whom you are together because of your fear of being alone. Deep inside you know that you deserve better than the second best, and as a result, you start hating your partner. You are not going to have enough courage to break up this kind of relationship because you are afraid to be alone again, thus turning your romantic relationship into torture for both you and your partner. All in all, fear of being is one of the bad reasons to engage and stay in a relationship.
It Took So Much Time and Efforts...
There are certain situations when it is quite difficult to win the heart and attention of the one we are attracted to. People use different strategies, from being friends with their crush to staging certain situations to show how much their crush means to them. Most often these strategies fail, but it doesn't mean that you are going to be happy if you have succeeded. Soon, you will learn that your dream partner is not as great as you have initially thought. In the end, you find yourself with a person who is not as interesting as you thought, and, moreover, you are not in love with that person. So, what are the reasons to stay in a relationship like that? Oh, yeah, it took so much time and efforts to win the heart of your crush. But, people who put themselves behind bars are unlikely to be happy. If you can't get the attention of your crush, maybe it is better to leave him or her behind?

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