For the past few decades, wagons have lost a large part of their appeal to buyers, since there have been so many outstanding SUVs and crossovers released during these years. However, the Toyota Venza is one of the wagons that managed to survive through the challenges thanks to its combination of renowned Toyota wagon utility and undeniably good looks. Find out more about this model and shop for Toyota Venza from top Nigerian sellers on Jiji: https://jiji.ng/cars/toyota-venza.

History of Toyota Venza

The Venza is among the newest models in Toyota’s lineup of cars: it was first produced in 2009 and has been in production until 2017, having been eventually discontinued by Toyota. There has been only one generation of the Toyota Venza, although a major facelift, which took place in 2013, introduced the changes to nearly every aspect of the car. From the start the Venza managed to win the public affection despite the famous competitiveness in the wagon market.


Toyota Venza specs

The first thing any prospective buyer needs to know about the Toyota Venza is that it’s a close relative of the beloved Toyota Camry. The two cars share many features, and the similarities are noticeable even at first glance. However, the Venza boasts a longer frame and bigger body.

The car comfortably seats 5 passengers, although no optional third row of seats is available. The cargo space is considerably larger than what most sedans and hatchbacks have to offer. Inside Toyota Venza you will find plenty of convenient storage space, complete with cupholders for every passenger.

There have been two engines available throughout the Venza’s run: a 3.5L V6 and a 2.7L I4. Both engines came with a six-speed automatic transmission, and buyers could choose from front-wheel and all-wheel drive. Moreover, the car is equipped with electric power steering, alloy wheels, power driver’s seat, touchscreen entertainment and information system, and optional parking sensors.


Toyota Venza review

Ever since Toyota Venza was unveiled in 2009, it was clear that it’s the new public favorite in the wagon segment. The combination of competitive performance, attractive appearance with a strong Toyota feel, availability of the latest tech features, and outstanding safety characteristics has made the Venza a top-selling wagon for nearly a decade since its initial release.

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